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persian tribal rug no.80

Rug No:184x252cm
Size : 184x252cm
Type:khamseh 1900
Background Color:ivory

Description : 

Antique tribal khamseh main tent rug from Fars province, by the arab jabbareh sub-tribe, from the last quarter of the 19th century. The design is clearly from earlier city or village weavings. This rug is all wool in construction with symmetrical knots and natural dye. the all over condition is perfect with good pile. the sides and fringes and original and complete. to see similar published examples of this type, one with a gold field color and another with a red field color see:james opie,”tribal rugs of southern Persia”1981,page86,86 and 88,89. In addition an ivory field example of this arab type,very similar to this rug is published in black and white by A.Cecil Edwards in “the Persian carpet”1953,reprinted in 1960,1967 and 1975,as plate 314,page299.

وصف  : 

80  :  سجادة لا
184x252cm  :  المقاس
 :  النوع
 :  المنشأ
 :  التصميم
 :  المواد
 :  لون الحاشية
 :  لون الحاشية

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