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kurdish antique rug no.79

Rug No:255x140cm
Size : 255x140cm
Type:antique kurdi,1900
Design:classic palmette and rosette patterns
Background Color:bordaux

Description : 

North west persian kurdish rug, the field design, with emphasis on the repeating rosettes is perhaps a glimpse of the original inspiration for the mina khani of veramin.in addition it evokes the classic palmette and rosette patterns of 18th/19th century Kurdistan.the border design would suggest bakshaish but I’m cautious of that attribution owing the carpets long pile. it has goats hair warp and weft, it is in perfect condition.

وصف  : 

79  :  سجادة لا
255x140cm  :  المقاس
 :  النوع
 :  المنشأ
 :  التصميم
 :  المواد
 :  لون الحاشية
 :  لون الحاشية

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